Parke County Covered Bridge Calendar 2023

Covered Bridges of Parke County Calendar!
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Beauty Built To Last...For GENERATIONS

Parke County Covered Bridge Calendar 2023

Chances are, not may folks stopped in the middle of a covered bridge to comment on its beauty or ingenious construction 100 years ago. They simply used it to cross a body of water.

Yet what was built with an ordinary purpose has become for many a source of extraordinary beauty; a muse for lovers, artists and writers; a focal point for wedding planners; and a curiosity for engineers and tourists. Unfortunately they are also fragile, often falling prey to vandalism and arson.

Parke County's thirty-one remaining treasures give good reason for calling us the Capital of Covered Bridge Country, with the oldest dating back to 1856 and the newest to 2006.

This beautiful, full-sized calendar showcases a different Parke County Covered Bridge each month.

The calendar includes dates for the 2023 Parke County Festivals and Special Events.


Bridges featured in this calendar include:

     * Mansfield Bridge (January)
     * State Sanatorium Bridge (February)
     * Beeson Bridge (March)
     * Leatherwood Station Bridge (April)
     * Crooks Bridge (May)
     * Mansfield Roller Mill (June)
     * Bridgeton Bridge (July)
     * Phillips Bridge (August)
     * Melcher Bridge (September)
     * Narrows Bridge (October)
     * Bridgeton Mill (November)
     * Billie Creek Bridge (December)

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