Mansfield Recipes & Memories Cookbook

Mansfield Recipes & Memories Cookbook
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Mansfield Recipes & Memories

When Ernestine Harmless was born on August 1st 1938, TV dinners had yet to be invented and lemonade was always freshly squeezed. Canned goods still originated in backyard gardens and everyone in her hometown of Mansfield, Indiana, bought flour at the Mansfield roller mill.

ErnestineThese were simpler days, ones without convenience stores, drive-through windows and 24-hour grocers. Mealtime wasn't rush hour. It was a time for sitting back, savoring made-from-scratch food, and enjoying conversation with family and friends.

This book is a Treasury of Recipes and Mansfield history from Ernestine Harmless, Lundsford Family and Friends.

176 Pages and 244 Recipes.

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